Web Portfolio Compare and Contrast

Web Portfolio Compare and Contrast

            When I first look at the portfolio Alex Dukal http://www.circografico.com.ar/ I see that the portfolio of the background has a drawing paper feel. I understand why he did that kind of background, but it has that blank look to it.  It needs that literal pop to it.  Yet when I look at Jay’s portfolio I believe it has too much pop and you can get bored of it really easily. You can see that the background has the feeling that it’s something a cartoonist would carry around with themselves.  While the other portfolio Jay Hafling http://www.jayhafling.com/ has that portfolio that pops out at you.  Each portfolio has a theme to it.  The peoples work revolves are the portfolio.  Alex’s portfolio has that old school back drop.  Something along the lines of Wallace and grommet.   It grabs your attention from the beginning and when you cycle through the work he has done, it has you looking at the net work of art.  Yet each piece of work is a little similar to the previous work of art. Jay’s portfolio has the modern look.  It sticks out right away.  It has that feel that each piece of work was taken inside a room ore underwater.  Each work has the light coming down from above to have the same similarity to the previous work.