Defining the Project Goals

  • Deliverables also known as goals should be specific and measureable.  As goals are met within a project, your deliverables become clearer.  Deliverables should be known as mini goals. Once all your deliverables are met, your project is complete.
  • Goals and objectives go hand in hand with deliverables.  A goal and an objective are mini deliverables that are part of a bigger accomplishment.  Such as filming a commercial. I am not going to get it all done at once. I set myself small goals to accomplish and over time the main objective is completed because I met all my goals and objectives.
  • Project requirements are things that the project has to have in it or done by a certain time frame.  There are many different requirements that could go in a commercial. But one of my main requirements is to have it accomplished by March.  So now I know I only have so much time to get it done.
  • Critical success factors are requirements that are the most important.  These factors are requirements that are have to be in my commercials to be considered a success.  You could look at critical success factors as a deliverable.
  • Assumptions are a way to presume that certain things are going to happen.  Such as in my project, I assume that everything will go as planned.  But that assumption more than likely will not work the way I am planning it.  So I have to ready myself, so if thing go off plan I can be prepared for it.
  • Constraints are a big concern for the film industry.  Budget constraints are the biggest reason for bad films.  Those films that had budget constraints could not get the right actors, editors, animators, and so on because the money that was given to them was not enough. 
  • Project scope is the baseline of the project.  The project scope of my project is the assumption that I’ll have enough people to interview for the commercials.  The constraint and critical success factor of my project is the amount of time I have to get it done.  The goals and deliverables are to finish my project in small bits at a time to achieve the end objective without driving myself insane.
  • Project scope statement is a combination of everything that is in the project scope.  By taking all that information and applying it into a statement is the project scope.  My project scope statement is to create five commercials that show why ITT Technical Institute is a great place to go to college.
  • Project scope management is looking out at all the information and managing everything as it is in the process of being made.  Such as deliverables, managing the goals that are set to make sure thing are sticking to the schedule.  The last thing you need is to get off track and now the project is getting behind.
  • Communication plan is the means to communicate the deliverables and assumptions to everyone.  You have to be able to communicate the requirements to people to keep the project on track.  The communication and mangement are work together.

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