Breaking Down the Project Activities

The work breakdown structure is the structure of the project. When you look at the step by step project diagram, you see a system of process. This is the structure of breaking down those processes to see an up close look at the process of the step in details.
Work packages are the lowest level of the work breakdown structure. This is the area where you will see who is assigned to each job, the estimates for each job will cost, and see the resources that you are going to use for the project.
Defining tasks and activities is an important job. If you don’t define a task people will not know what they’re supposed to be doing. The activities people are supposed to be doing will not get accomplished there for nothing gets done and now your project is behind.
Activity sequencing is the act of putting thing in logical order. You want to put these in order so you don’t get confused and/or don’t assign people to the same job.
Milestones are great things to get excited about. They are a good way to show the progress of a project. On way to look at a milestone is to look at it as a way to know when goals are achieved and when the project gets that much closer to a finished project.
Estimating activity durations is an area that is looked at to know how long each activity is supposed to take. If filming was to takes a year to get done then you would question why filming took 2 years. So determining the duration of activities is very important to a project.
Estimating dependencies are critical to any project. When you have to depend on certain people or companies, you have to take that a grain of salt at a time. Because you are relying on things that you can’t control.
Network diagrams are a way to show a diagram in order they’ll be performed. This is a system of the step by step process.
Precedence diagramming is a way to of placing activities in the seqenceual order and also looking each one’s dependencies.
Activity on node is the sequencing diagram in circle form. The procedure of putting things in circle form has a way to show you the order of things in a picture format versus describing it.
Arrow diagraming is the diagraming process using arrows versus circles. This is also known as activity on arrow. Each arrow shows you what must be done first before you can move on to the next objective.
Choosing diagramming methods will help you get a more visual procedure and system of things that have to happen. These diagrams are very important to reaching milestones and finishing a project.
Scope creep is a problem that comes into play when you get activities done and more activates are created as a result. You have to be aware of the problem of making more work for yourself as you complete tasks.


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