Final Project Description

For my course project I am choosing to five ITT Techniacl Institute TV commercials. ITT Technical Institute is a technology school that is looking for a new contractor to create new commercials for the Swartz Creek campus. They are looking for a new slogan in which they can create posters and other promotionals using the new slogan. I am going to create five ITT Technical Istitute commercials to help bring in new students. These commercials will interview a variety of students varying in age, sex, and ethnicity to get the sense that ITT Technical Istitute is for everyone and not just for the few. Each commercial will have a current student or graduate of ITT Technical Istitute telling the viewer’s why he/she chose ITT Technical Istitute and what they like about the school and their experience while attending their classes.

• 5 TV Commercials
• New Slogan
• New ITT Technical Istitute Commercial look

ITT Tech’s age demographic for the typical student is a male between 25-50 years of age. The goal is to make ITT Technical Institute a place where students want to be and get and education.

These commercials will show how ITT Technical Institute changed the student life. It is suppose to make you as the viewer feel like you understand the student being interviewed and want to have success also. It is going make viewers want to come to ITT Technical Institute.

– I am going to interview 3 males and 2 females.
– 3 people that are close to graduation and 2 that have already graduated.

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